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Mitchells and Hobbes and Packers! Oh My!

8 Nov

Last Wednesday I went to the Turf Club again for their annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 night. The movie was Mitchell, another that I own on DVD, and it is a horrible flick. But, that is also what makes it so deliciously good. There’s sweaty cops, hookers, kids being yelled at and the slowest car chase ever to be filmed. It’s really breathtaking, in that, your breath will be literally stolen from you as the movie sucks your soul out of your chest (Fact: your soul is actually located in the right femur, but it must exit the body through the chest cavity).

Mitchell MST3K

Mitchell MST3K at Turf Club

The number 4 bus I ride continues to surprise me. If it isn’t some Green Goblin tatted chick or a hick talking about his jaw being broken as “THE FUCKING BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE EVAR! FOR REALZ YO!” or dudes who are super hairy and probably related to sasquatch in some way, then it’s dudes sitting by themselves reading Calvin and Hobbes. Now, I love Calvin and Hobbes – I have pretty much every collection there is – but this dude just struck me as odd that he would be sitting on the bus at 4:45 in the afternoon on a Friday perusing the pages of a Calvin and Hobbes collection. I guess there isn’t anything wrong with that, but still. It was odd.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes on #4 bus

Also, happened to view the football team from Green Bay totally annihilate the team from Dallas. It was pretty embarrassing for all them Texans. I guess even losing is bigger in Texas though!

Packers vs. Cowboys

Packers vs. Cowboys

Turn Down The Lights (Where Applicable)

5 Aug

Turf Club

Turf Club - MST3K Night (Screen way up in front of those ladies there. Just FYI)

Look, I know the picture sucks, but what do you want from a camera phone in a darkened, underground, prohibition-era drinks emporium? Anyway, maybe the better question would be, why was I there? The answer to that lies in the fact that I love Mystery Science Theater 3000 and watching the episodes never gets old, and is a completely new experience with a dedicated crowd of Msties. Never heard of MST3K you say? Well then get the hell out of here! Or click this link.

The venue was the Turf Club on University Ave in St. Paul, and the movie was The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. It is notable for being the first episode in which Mike takes over from Joel. It is also a really bad movie that makes for decent riffing. I like how there is no real explanation of why Mike is there. Sure, if you watched the previous episode and listen to the theme song, it sort of explains things, but really, its never brought up and is just accepted. And that is what makes this whole thing work. Mike is a whole different personality from Joel, and I stand by my assertion that he was the better of the two hosts. But anyway, on to these other pictures.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

Like I said, the movie was The Brain That Wouldn’t Die. This movie is near and dear to my heart and I will tell you why. As you can see, I have it on DVD already. This means I have seen it a bunch of times before. However, watching it with a live audience brought out a whole new version of the film. Because there are so many riffs, not everyone gets them all, but certain people will laugh at other certain things and this means that pretty much all of the riffs get some sort of response. This is the opposite of what happens to me when I watch most of the time, because many of the jokes or references go right over my head. Another reason this movie is so loved by myself is that it was the very first MST3K DVD I ever bought. I saw it on the shelf at Best Buy a long time ago and had to have it. Thus began my obsessional collecting of the series, which resulted in me acquiring every episode there has ever been TV – minus the KTMA episodes that never saw the light of day of course.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

The Brain That Wouldn't Die - Mike Nelson Autograph

And as you can see from the above photo, there is a signature in the bottom right-hand corner of the chapter list. That there is Michael J. Nelson’s John Hancock itself! I have seen him speak a few times and got this movie autographed (among other MST3K related merch) because it was his first host appearance, and because it was my first MST3K DVD.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die

The Brain That Wouldn't Die - DVD Case

I don’t know if they have a set schedule for showing episodes, but the next showing is on September 1, at 10 p.m. So if you are in the St Paul area and want to see the film Sidehackers, head on down to the Turf Club on University. Its a tad bit warm in there (ok so it was fucking scorching hot and I sweated the entire time) but its a pretty good time and the price of free is right on the money! Also, they give you these sweet Gizmonics Institute pins and even make some Playbills of the movie with interesting trivia facts. I’ll be sure to go back again one of these days and rundown the movie… maybe… possibly. I can’t not end this without saying, keep circulating the tapes!

Gizmonics Institute Pins

Gizmonics Institute Pins