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So, uh… here’s Atlanta.

25 Jul

I took a trip to visit my mom in Atlanta recently. It was hot. Swelteringly hot. It’s called Hotlanta for a reason people! Every day I was there, the weather was sticky and humid and hot and heavy. It even rained, but it came down as warm water… NOT refreshing at all. However, I did enjoy most of my time there (aside from the horribly airport and the horrible gate changes and flight delays and cancellations) and even went to Savannah and Tybee Island – which was even MORE HUMID – to check those places out. Also, the cemeteries there are fascinating and if it weren’t for the unbelievably malignant and overpowering mosquitoes (watch out for yellow fever), I could venture around in them all day.

I’ve put the pictures in one large gallery because 1) there are so many of them and 2) I wanted to make separate galleries but WordPress wouldn’t allow me to, or maybe I just couldn’t figure it out. Either way, here’s Georgia, including downtown Atlanta, the World of Coca Cola and the Georgia Aquarium among others, followed some shots of Savannah and Tybee Island as well as numerous great cemeteries like Bonaventure.

Not Much Going On

8 Jun

Honestly I haven’t made a post in a long time because there just hasn’t been that much going on. In fact, it was over 100 degrees yesterday and damn close to that the day before so I just sat inside pretty much all day. It was so hot that even the neighborhood animals were trying to get out of the heat by sitting under the tree in front of my window. Check out the squirrel perched on the branch and the little rabbit. I sort of feel sorry for them and would haveĀ  loved to let them in to cool off, but then I remembered that they would probably take the opportunity to promptly bite me (giving me rabies or rabbit AIDS or something) and then raid my cupboards and fridge for all the delicious foods I keep in there. Damn animals. Now I hate them worse than ever.


Squirrel ready to chew my face off if he got the chance


Rabbit poised to go straight for my jugular if given the opportunity