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So, Uh… Not Sure Who Uses This… But Someone Must

7 Mar

Yes, Fertilizer and Mayonnaise. They are for your hair. They are pretty expensive. They grossed me out.

Hair products

Hair products

The Hair, My God the Hair!

30 Nov

Look, I know it was early in the morning, but you actually went with THAT hairstyle? I mean, you got up, took a shower (I hopefully assume), stood in front of the mirror, got out a brush, combed the back part of your hair normally and then said to yourself: “You know, I think I’ll go with this really long and ugly, stringy hair out past my forehead so that it hangs down and looks really out of place.” THAT is what you thought. Really? Frankly, I wish you hadn’t even attempted to comb your hair. That way you would have an excuse not to have those intensely long, pube-resembling strands flailing all over the place. But instead, you went and tried. And in the process of trying, you failed. At life. And at hair.

Come on.

Come on.



Riding the Bus

31 Aug

You get to see the most interesting people on the bus. There was that lady with the Green Goblin tat that one day, and just yesterday, I witnessed what I believe to be a bigfoot that had shaved and wandered into the city. Sure, it wore glasses and had some tats itself, but it was the hairiest thing I have ever seen. This was like Robin Williams on a whole new scale. I wish my phone camera could have snapped a better pic, but it’s hard to try and catch these wily and elusive animals in their natural habitat without them moving or quickly scampering away. I think though, if you zoom in, you should be able to see the hairiness that this one possesses.

Hairy Creature

Hairy Creature in the Wild

Hair Monster

The Missing Link?