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Mitchells and Hobbes and Packers! Oh My!

8 Nov

Last Wednesday I went to the Turf Club again for their annual Mystery Science Theater 3000 night. The movie was Mitchell, another that I own on DVD, and it is a horrible flick. But, that is also what makes it so deliciously good. There’s sweaty cops, hookers, kids being yelled at and the slowest car chase ever to be filmed. It’s really breathtaking, in that, your breath will be literally stolen from you as the movie sucks your soul out of your chest (Fact: your soul is actually located in the right femur, but it must exit the body through the chest cavity).

Mitchell MST3K

Mitchell MST3K at Turf Club

The number 4 bus I ride continues to surprise me. If it isn’t some Green Goblin tatted chick or a hick talking about his jaw being broken as “THE FUCKING BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE EVAR! FOR REALZ YO!” or dudes who are super hairy and probably related to sasquatch in some way, then it’s dudes sitting by themselves reading Calvin and Hobbes. Now, I love Calvin and Hobbes – I have pretty much every collection there is – but this dude just struck me as odd that he would be sitting on the bus at 4:45 in the afternoon on a Friday perusing the pages of a Calvin and Hobbes collection. I guess there isn’t anything wrong with that, but still. It was odd.

Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes on #4 bus

Also, happened to view the football team from Green Bay totally annihilate the team from Dallas. It was pretty embarrassing for all them Texans. I guess even losing is bigger in Texas though!

Packers vs. Cowboys

Packers vs. Cowboys