Coffee Shop, Snow and First Ave

16 Nov

This last weekend I hit up a coffee bar to see one of my old high school buddies and his wife play some tunes, drove around in the snow and then went to First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry.

Corner Coffee in Minneapolis was the site of the performance where John and his wife Jaclyn broke out their guitar, keyboard, bongos and even ukulele. They call their band Cleveland Ave and they played for about 40 minutes and I wish that more people would have shown up because they were really good. I had a great time listening to the music that I didn’t even know that John had the talent to play and it was a good night. Afterward, we went across the street for a few drinks and listened to a really nerdy bartender talk about drugs, video games, zombies, Stargate Universe, kids and lightsabers. It was a bit odd, but he was really enthusiastic.

Cleveland Avenue at Corner Coffee

Cleveland Avenue at Corner Coffee

Saturday saw the metro area get hit with six to eight inches of snow – heavy snow. It was wet and there was a ton of it. And because I own a Subaru, it gave me the opportunity to get out for the first time this fall and do some donuts. Really, I couldn’t resist. The parking lot was just sitting there and the snow was begging for it. It really was whorish snow and I gave it to it. I wish there was more room in the parking lot, but it was good to get some sideways action after going without it for so long.

First Snowfall Donuts

First Snowfall Donuts

But the snow also had an adverse affect. I had other plans for the night (Saturday still), but they were dashed by the snow and so my backup was to head to First Ave for some musicalness. Elite Gymnastics played their normal set – loud, booming and hard to understand lyrically – (Four Lokos and all) and then the main act, Matthew Dear came up to play. He is described as a DJ, a dance-music producer, an experimental pop artist and a bandleader. The music was pretty decent and if I was in a better mood (or had some more drinks in myself perhaps) I would have been in a more dance-tastic mood, but as it was, I simply listened and tapped my foot. I do have to say that having listened to a bit of his music from the album as sent to me by a coworker, it was much, much better in person, as is the case most of the time. I think it really helped that he had a band to back him up so they were actually playing real musical instruments instead of simply hitting buttons on a keyboard or playing around with computers and beats (which they were as well) but there were also drums, a trumpet, guitars and a bassist. So if I were to take anything out of their performance it would be: Real instruments with electronic beats = great, computer generated beats only = meh.

Matthew Dear 7th Street Entry First Ave

Matthew Dear 7th Street Entry First Ave

Next weekend? Possibly basketball and art. We’ll see.

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