Comfortably Pink

30 Jun

So, I went and saw a Pink Floyd tribute band last Saturday. Overall impressions? Not too shabby. However, there are a few things that struck me. Not so much like a chunk of ice falling from the sky, hitting me in the head causing deep, debilitating mental problems and retardacy (is it made up? find out now!), but more like getting general impressions over the few hours it took to take in the show.

Impression the first. I am not as overly enthusiastic about seeing Pink Floyd live as I thought. There are two reasons for this (though admittedly there are probably more, but these are the two biggies). Reason A) It is not really Pink Floyd. Obviously that’s like the first thing that everyone knows, but they actually did sound good and played the songs as they were and it was a deece show. Reason B) There are people who get overly excited for a tribute band, and those people are freaks. Not monsterously overbearing freaks like the kind you see in movies or in ever major metropolitan area, but freaks nonetheless. They get up and dance, wave their hands, shout out “Free Bird” for no reason and wear hats advertising Kmart… and not in an ironic way. Dude really did own a Kmart hat, and he wore the shit out of it.

Impression the second. Apparently, Pink Floyd only made two albums. I base this on the fact that almost every song they played came from either The Wall, or Dark Side of the Moon. Only two songs in their repertoire did not. Those songs were “Learning to Fly” and “Dogs.” Now, I can understand the reasoning behind this move, mostly because those are the two they are most famous for, but Animals is a great album that deserves more attention (although I assume the reason more songs are not played off of it are because almost every song is like 15 minutes long. But there are much better songs than “Learning to Fly” out there.

Impression the third. The encore. When you are a tribute band named Comfortably Pink, you would think your encore would be “Comfortably Numb.” Not only is it a great song, its one that keeps building and building to a great conclusion that is overflowing with guitar solos, drums, bass and all sorts of awesomeness on a level that not even fire ninjas fighting hovercraft flying dinosaurs can compete with. However, they chose to end their set with “Run.” This song is high energy and is pretty good, but if you stop and think about it – as I tend to do – this is the song they play during the movie wherein there is a forced rape. Hmmm. So, to recap, a song that is fire ninja vs. hovercraft dino awesome (and which the band is named after) or a song that reminds me of the rape scene in the car. Whatever, it’s your show.

Impression the fourth. Rain kinda sucks when combined with my glasses and streetlamps and headlights. Also, my bike has no lights on it. I feel that I cheated death pretty well that night.

Pictures are below. If you want to experience them and the crowd they gather, they will be playing at the Whiskey Junction in Minneapolis on July 10th. It’s indoors, so you don’t have to worry about the rain. You will still have to worry about freakoids though.

Comfortably Pink - Lake Harriet Bandshell

Comfortably Pink - Lake Harriet Bandshell

Comfortably Pink - Lake Harriet Bandshell

Comfortably Pink - Lake Harriet Bandshell

Comfortably Pink - Lake Harriet Bandshell

Comfortably Pink - Lake Harriet Bandshell

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